ICSE Mathematics for Class 7

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Penned by Asit Das Gupta, this ICSE Mathematics will be an ideal tool for the students of class 7 to learn the basic concepts of Mathematics with. It comes written in fluid English that contains clear instruction which can be easily followed by the young minds. Published by Bharati Bhawan Publishers and Distributors, this book will help the students to score excellent marks in their school final examinations. It also follows the latest guidelines and syllabus that has been laid out by the ICSE which is fit for the students of class 7 for the session 2018-2019.

Salient Features

• Exercises that accompany the chapters will let the students self-assess their acquired knowledge.

• It contains content that has been compiled based on the revised curriculum of the I.C.S.E and latest I.C.S.E certified textbook for the session 2018-19.

• The schematic representation along with tabular forms of data and graphs make the concepts all the more easy for the students to grasp.

• Coming with pre-solved exemplary problems, it lets the students understand each and every step of any equation.

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