Allforasmile Bon Appetite Canvas Lunch Bag

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Launched over 3 years ago as a result of original research – this is THE original design. Beware of imitations!!! Practical Lunch Bag which is styled after the Brown Bag; that is ubiquitous in Office lunch halls of the West. This bag is padded with water-proof material to ensure the spill-overs will not be for the world to see. The variable height will allow you to appropriately pack anything from a flat tiffin box to a half-liter water bottle/can. Very trendy to carry.
SIMPLE & STYLISH – Allforasmile’s Avni Bon Appetit Canvas Lunch Bag epitomises our tradition of practical designs. Put your lunch boxes, ROLL-DOWN & PRESS-CLOSE the Velcro Strap! No matter if you have just a single tiffin box or multiple boxes, they will always be packs in place with auto-adjusted height
INTELLIGENT & THOUGHTFUL – Thermal Insulation keeps food warmer for a few hours. Unisex Design means anyone in the family can carry it. Eco-friendly and Washable. There are no metal or plastic parts, so wash as often as needed
FITS MOST TIFFIN SIZES – This is EASY FIT Design which allows For MOST SIZE TIFFIN BOXES. SIZE: Base: (8 x 5 inch Width) x Height 13 inch Unfolded, 8.5 inch after folding PLEASE see all pictures – DO NOT BUY IF THIS SIZE IS SMALL FOR YOU
ECO-FRIENDLY – Its reusable, washable and durable! Wash with COLD water on GENTLE cycle only. DO NOT put in dryer as this may cause shrinking. HANG DRYING recommended
PROUDLY Made in India by a Social Enterprise. Beware of imitations by copy-cats. Allforasmile is a registered trademark in India

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