Kothrud Bazaar Customer Rewards Loyalty Program

Kothrud Bazaar Customer Rewards Loyalty Program

Reward Points for Product Purchase:

  •  A User tries to Purchases a Product Which Contains Rewards Points.
  •  The Reward Points associated with that Product will be awarded to the User when they complete the purchase.(1% of the Transaction Value)
  •  Once the order status becomes completed, the reward points associated for the product will be added to the user account.
  •  If a user want to cancel or refund the particular order, the reward points earned or redeemed with respect to the product will be revised.

Reward Points for Account Sign-up

  • Reward Points will be awarded to the user who has Created the Account.(10 Reward Points)

Reward Points for Referring users:

  • A User(Referrer) Generates the Referral link from their account and sends it to their Friend(Referred Person).
  • The Referred Person will receives the Referral Link.
  • The Referred Person Signs up in the site by Clicking the Referral Link, The Referrer receives Referral Reward Points for Account Sign-up.
  • If Referred Person makes the Product Purchase which contains Referral Reward Points, then the Referrer will receive Referral Reward Points for Product Purchase.