1) What is Kothrud Bazaar?

-Kothrud Bazaar is a marketplace for Local Sellers who can sell their creations, rentals, subscriptions and products.
Registered Sellers can list their products/services on their own or can seek Kothrud Bazaar Team’s assistance in managing their Store.

For Registration:

To understand your selling needs better, sellers are requested to kindly fill in the Questionnaire.


2) Do I need TAN/TIN?

-TAN/TIN is not compulsory but PAN need to shared.


3) Can I do delivery myself?

-Yes, you can. However you will need to collect payment on your own for COD orders and so must ensure you have sufficient cash / change to settle payment with customer.

Yes, we also have our delivery support network.


4) What is the delivery SLA I have to meet for Self Deliveries?

-We have classified deliveries into 5hrs /12hrs /24hrs and 48 hrs. For local deliveries depending on product we expect you to do delivery within 5 hrs slot.


5) What is the return policy?

-For food items no return policy but if buyer complaints, we will consider delisting the seller from the platform.


6) What is Rewards Program for customers?

  • Reward Points for Account Sign-up: Reward Points will be awarded to the user who has Created the Account.
  • Reward Points for Product Purchase:

– A User tries to Purchases a Product Which Contains Rewards Points.

– The Reward Points associated with that Product will be awarded to the User when they complete the purchase.

– Once the order status becomes completed, the reward points associated for the product will be added to the user account.

– If a user want to cancel or refund the particular order, the reward points earned or redeemed with respect to the product will be revised.

  • Reward Point for Purchase using PayUBiz:

-Buyer gets 1 Reward point for every purchase done using PayUBiz channel. This is applicable for Products, Services, Rentals & Subscription related payment.

7) What is Referral Program for customers?

  • A User(Referrer) Generates the Referral link from their account and sends it to their

Friend (Referred Person).

  • The Referred Person will receive the Referral Link.
  • The Referred Person Signs up in the site by Clicking the Referral Link, The Referrer receives Referral Reward Points for Account Sign-up.
  • If Referred Person makes the Product Purchase which contains Referral Reward Points, then the Referrer will receive Referral Reward Points for Product Purchase.


8) What are the payment options?

-We use PayUBiz payment gateway, one of India’s most reliable gateways, where payment can be received from buyers online using Credit, Debit, Netbanking, EMI, Wallets, AMEX, PayUMoney, VISA, Diners which cover almost all of the Banks.


9) Can the Shop be suspended?

-Suspension of the shop can be associated with either of the following reasons:

  1. Too many negative reviews by your product buyers this means, your selling capability is halted until its further clarified and reviewed.
  2. Continued delayed deliveries can also cause shop suspension
  3. Too much of price arbitrage (difference) of your listed products with other Kothrud Bazaar may also result in your shop suspension.


10) Can customer register as buyer and as seller as well?

-There is a single form for registration. To become a seller, you simply fill-in the additional Shop details under your user profile (My Account). Please contact 8888658447 or email us at for more details on becoming a Seller.


11) Is there any Verification process for seller?

-Sellers address proof and products profile check will be done prior to Seller Account activation.


12) Are there any charges for becoming a seller?

– For the Seller who Register on our Kothrud Bazaar, there is no Shop Registration fee.


13) How to Redeem the Earned Point?

  • A User will have certain Reward Points Earned from a Product Purchased.
  • The Earned Reward Points can be Redeemed by the User in Future Purchases.
  • Once the Points has been Redeemed by the User for Product Purchase, the Redeemed points will be reduced from the User Account.
  • The Redeemed Points and Current Reward Points will be displayed in the My Account Page.


14) How and when do I as a Seller get paid?

-Payments will be disbursed every 3 working days with a minimum amount Rs 300. The payment will be made directly to your bank account through NEFT transactions within 3 working days of dispatching an order.


15) Can the Seller cancel their subscription?

-Yes, you are free to cancel anytime. But, as our Local Bazaar matures and reaches more local residents over time, your products will get better exposure and help you reach more local buyers.


16) How to list products on Kothrud Bazaar?

There are two ways to list products:

  • Seller can Do It Yourself (DIY) by uploading product details from My Account->My Shop->Add Item.
  • Sellers can also opt for Assisted Listing: Our team can help the Sellers to do their Listing with minimal Cost.


17) Who can sell on Kothrud Bazaar?

-Anyone selling new and genuine products is welcome. In order to start selling, you need to have the following:

  • PAN Card (Personal PAN for business type “Proprietorship” and Personal + Business PAN for business type as “Company”)
  • VAT/TIN Number (not mandatory for books)
  • Bank account and supporting KYC documents (Address Proof, and Cancelled cheque)
  • Minimum of 5 unique products to sell.


18) How many listings are required to start selling?

You are required to have a minimum of 5 listings (unique products) to start selling.


19) What is the commission deducted by Kothrud Bazaar on Sale of Products?

  • There is no fix commission rate, but broadly the commission range anywhere between 3% and 20% depending on : a) product listed, b) Volume of sales achieved.
  • We are open to discuss the best possible rate which are mutually beneficial.


20) Do you allow Rental Services?

Yes, Kothrud Bazaar allows Rental Services.


21) Do you allow subscription Services?

– Yes, Kothrud Bazaar allows Subscription Services.