Citizens pool in to install four CCTV cameras in Kothrud colony

Residents of Modern Colony in Kishkindhnagar in Kothrud found a solution to their problems when no help was forthcoming.

After eight two-wheelers parked along the road were torched on April 6, the residents approached some local leaders for the installation of closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras to keep watch. When their request was turned down, the residents pooled in and installed CCTV cameras.

Now, almost all the 500 houses in Modern Colony are under electronic surveillance with four high-resolution CCTV cameras. The effort was undertaken by Navnath Sarvajnik Vikas Mandal Trust in Kishkindhanagar.

The torched vehicles were valued at Rs 4 lakh. Their owners are labourers and except for a new scooter, the other seven were not insured. The residents park along the lane as they have no parking arrangement. The Kothrud police are clueless about the suspects.

The mandal’s president Ravindra Kondhekar told TOI it was the first arson case in the colony. “The attack shocked us all. It also created panic among the residents,” he added.

After the arson attack, the Ganesh mandal’s members met and decided to instal CCTV cameras so that the miscreants repeat their act. They approached local leaders and the corporators, but none came forward to help.

A mandal worker, who did not wish to reveal his identity, told TOI, “The corporators told us that they cannot give funds to install cameras on private property.” The mandal did not have much money to bear the entire cost of the CCTV cameras. “Then came the idea of seeking contributions from the people,” he said.

The workers approached every household with a request for a Rs 200 contribution. Most residents, especially those who owned two-wheelers, contributed immediately. “Within two days, we had collected Rs 35,000,” a worker said.