Do you want your existing and prospect customers to be informed about your presence or push your Promo offers to them? Email campaign can make your brand reach larger audience at far lesser pricing compared with print or street banners (better ROI). You can then do a follow-up with those who read your email campaigns. Also gives the opportunity for people to directly visit your website at a click.

  • Design your email Campaign
An email campaign starts at the drawing board where you need to plan your email design, content, call for action (what you want customers to do with your campaign). You need to share with us the purpose of the campaign, what is the targeted outcome and we will then get into designing it for you.
  • Your target audience
We advise businesses to always target their prospect base and existing customers in doing email campaigns as it allows you to build on your brand and existing customer goodwill. We can also send your email campaign to our database of emails which will best meet your need.
  • Response Management
For all those who respond to your email campaign are then routed to you for your follow-up pitch.


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