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About Dr Sunny Dole’s Clinic – Orthopaedic Surgeon in Kothrud

Orthopaedic Doctor in Kothrud- Dr Sunny Dole’s clinic, is the best orthopaedic surgeon in Kothrud. Highly skilled, experienced, and specialist Dr Sunny Dole strives to offer the best & consistent patient care services.


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 Dr Sunny Dole
Orthopaedic Surgeon | Joint Replacement Surgeon | Knee and Traumatology |  Orthopedist And Traumatology Specialist | Knee Surgeon | Spine And Pain Specialist | Foot & Ankle Surgery


Why get Orthopaedic treatment from Dr Sunny Dole?

  • An experienced and best orthopaedic doctor in Kothrud with trained and years of specialized experience.
  • Advanced techniques for Orthopaedic treatment.
  • Experienced on the diagnose and treat Musculoskeletal Disorders, performing trauma surgeries and replacing joints
  • Board-certified Orthopaedic Surgeon in Kothrud, with a keen interest in Primary and Complex Trauma Surgeries, Joint Replacement.
  • 24+ years of experience.

       (a) Skilled and Expert Orthopaedic Doctor in Kothrud

Orthopaedic Doctor in Kothrud – Dr Sunny Dole, provides the best care for your bones. He is skilled in various treatments like- Bone and Joint Trauma • Knee Replacement Surgery • Hip Replacement Surgery • Ligament Injury • Knee Pain • Back Pain • Neck Pain • Paediatric Orthopaedics • Osteoporosis • Hip Pain • Scoliosis • Limb Lenth Discrepancy ( one leg is shorter) • Ergonomics • Ankle Injury • Heel Pain • Pes Planus (Flatfoot) • Clubfoot • Frozen Shoulder • Achilles Tendon Rupture • And Multiple Orthopaedic Ailments.

       (b) Advanced Orthopaedic facilities

Dr Sunny Dole’s clinic is provided with a modern pieces of equipment like a C arm Machine)( an Image Intensifier Scanner), and a Bain Circuit. He provides the best service in Orthopaedic treatment with advanced facilities for the treatment of patients and well-managed systems.

       (c) Cost-effective treatment

Here, you will get treatment from an experienced Orthopaedic Doctor in Kothrud |Dr Sunny Dole at a reliable cost. Consult him for any injury, any bone defects or any major surgery.

Orthopaedic Doctor in Kothrud | Orthopaedic Surgeon in Kothrud |
Services Offered

Bone and Joint Trauma

Adobe Express 20221211 1701030 1 300x300 - Orthopaedic Doctor in Kothrud | Orthopaedic Surgeon in Kothrud | Dr. Sunny DoleEvery Human is subjected to trauma, be it a minor slip and fall or some major Road Traffic Accident. Depending on the severity and site of trauma management changes, Sometimes it’s just simple contusions which settle with analgesics and RICE therapy (Rest, Ice packs, Compression and Elevation). Fractures of bones need urgent attention and treatment and these are very much painful in most cases. Not all fractures need surgery but few of them need, leave it to your Orthopaedic surgeon to decide that for you. you can consult us for any bone and joint trauma. You can get the best Orthopaedic doctor in Kothrud and get the best treatment.

Hip and Knee Replacement

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Human joints are subjected to wear and tear, mostly due to age sometimes due to previous trauma to the same joint or any deformity or limp. Even a few medical conditions lead to early wear and tear of joint cartilage, commonly known as “osteoarthritis”. These osteoarthritis joints are painful, swollen and have limited mobility. The most commonly affected joint is the Knee. These painful joints can be replaced with prosthetic joints to regain most of your functionality. Thanks to Biomechanics and Designing Surgeons!Orthopaedic Doctor in Kothrud |Orthopaedic surgeon in Kothrud.

Ligament Injuries

elderly woman sitting wheelchairs with knee pain 1 300x200 - Orthopaedic Doctor in Kothrud | Orthopaedic Surgeon in Kothrud | Dr. Sunny Dole

Ligaments are structures which span across the joints and can guide and limit the movements of joints. Ligament injuries can be due to sudden abnormal movements at joints or overuse. Ligament injuries present in the acute stage as swelling and painful joints with limited movement or abnormal movement at the joint which was not present before. Instability is what patients perceive in ligament injuries, in patients’ words he/she may feel “their limb is giving away”. or “I may fall while climbing stairs” etc. Ligament injuries need careful evaluation in the clinic and specific investigations like radiographs, MRIs, and sonography are recommended. Orthopaedic Doctor in Kothrud | Orthopaedic surgeon in Kothrud.

Low Back Pain

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Low Back Pain is called a “Disease in Search of Illness”. Every person in his life experiences Low Back Pain at least once. There are numerous causes of Low Back Pain including bad posture sinister tumour metastasis to tuberculosis. There are many differential diagnoses when it comes to Low Back Pain as Lumbar Spondylosis, Spondylolysis, Spondylolisthesis, Lumbar Canal Stenosis, and Radiculopathy there antecedent causes mentioned cause classic low back pain while later symptoms more in lower limbs (Legs). Back Pain patients need careful evaluation and investigations. Treatment of Back Pain includes analgesics, physiotherapy, muscle relaxants, supports, lifestyle modifications, and surgery. You can get the best Orthopaedic doctor in Kothrud | orthopaedic surgeon in Kothrud and get the best treatment.

Neck Pain

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Neck Pain is a very common complaint in patients, what I have observed over a period of time, most cases of neck pain are due to abnormal posture. Neck pain can present as limited neck movements, pain in specific neck movements, constant pain in the neck region, and neck pain going down to the shoulder, arms, forearms, and hands. Every patient with neck pain needs evaluation. You can get the best Orthopaedic doctor in Kothrud |Orthopaedic surgeon in Kothrud and get the best treatment.


Osteoarthritis of the joint, commonly the Knee is presented as Knee pain, swelling in the knee, limited movements, difficulty climbing stairs, difficulty squatting etc. If diagnosed early Knee pain can be significantly reduced and the status quo can be maintained at the cartilage level. Also, various lifestyle modifications, physiotherapy, intra-articular injections, and medications are available to alleviate your symptoms.

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